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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions...

Do decking planters come fully constructed or do i have to assemble them when they arrive?

Our decking planters all arrive fully assembled and ready for you fill with compost and plants.

Are decking planters lined?

Yes, our decking planters are professionally lined with agricutural grade black plastic to prolong their life. We then fix a wooden square bead around the top edge creating a neat finish.

Do decking planters have drainage holes?

Yes, decking planters all have drainage holes in the bottom for excess water to drain.

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

10-14 working days, however your actual delivery service is usually overnight this is just generally the time it takes us to make them and turn them around from point of purchase to your door.

Are decking planters treated?

Yes, the materials we make them from are all tanalised treated and the decking itself has a pro wax treatment which provides an initial barrier against moisture. Making water bead off the woods surface.

I would like to paint or stain my planters is this at all possible?

Yes you can paint or stain them with whatever you want, This will keep your planters in tip-top condition.

Are decking planters very strong?

The strongest wooden planters you will find, we make them to a very high standard they are very robust.

Do I have to paint or stain my decking planters?

While staining or painting them will obviously provide an extra protection to your planters, they are perfectly sutable to survive the elements with their stock tanalised treatment.

Whats so special about Decking Planters by arrow

Our decking planters really are in a league of their own. They are of the highest quality and made by professional carpenters and joiners. In the Cornish countryside.

The corners are all cut mitred as opposed to many cheap butt-jointed ones. They are also glued and screwed with green coated decking screws. We also use the best 32mm thick deck board. They are professionaly lined in such a way that they have a neat and tidy modern looking beaded rim. We provide you with a very high quality product.

Our service is second to none. We strive to offer a friendly local service on a national scale.

When you buy a decking planter you have the option to expand on it with more planters as they are all designed to work with each other in unison. Each planter is custom made for you and it doesent leave our workshop if we dont think its of a good enough quality to bear our brand.

All of our timber is fsc sourced safeguarding our world from deforestation.























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We are a business based in central Cornwall Specializing In manufacturing and shipping custom sized decking planters to our customers throughout the UK.

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